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16th Night; Open Action; Kaname's Christmas Story

He walked the City streets quietly, carrying with him a rather large, white box. Someone was late in giving his real Christmas present to Yuuki, but today was perfect. It was snowing, and a fur coat would come in handy if Yuuki wished to play in the snow... only within the vicinity of the Hellsing manor of course.

Snow was nostalgic to him... He remembered how Yuuki used to wait for him to return and jump him the very moment she sees him.

Those days were gone now. It saddened him how often Yuuki spoke of Zero, but he knew that that could not be helped. The City seemed determined in pushing him away from Yuuki, as she and Zero had been together here for a year... without Kaname at all. It was inevitable that feelings could develop between them, and it troubled him more than he was willing to admit. Could it be that Yuuki merely stayed with him because she had no choice in the matter? Was she even staying with him at all? They were guests in the Hellsing manor... not exactly a place he could call "their" home.

But even if this was the case, he could not help but love her. She was Yuuki, even if she seemed different... He longed for her. He knew that awakening to who she truly was would be difficult for her. She had lived as a human girl, free from worries for more than 10 years... And he could only watch from a distance, because if he got to close, the temptation was unbearable.

Does Yuuki know how lonely and painful it was for him? 10 years... it seemed much longer than it really was.

If only he were stronger, he would protect her... but instead, he was reduced to someone who had to ask favors from someone else. There was no control here, no order. He had to find a way out... and the Artemis organization could help with that.

At least, it was what he wanted to believe.

He watched the children playing in the City streets, smiling despite himself. Snowballs flew past him here and there, but so far he remained unscathed. A laugh escaped his lips as a particular little girl from the orphanage with long brown hair caught his attention. She was small and clumsy, but did not allow herself to be bullied by the other children.

So much like the Yuuki he knew.

The little girl did not look where she was going and ran straight into him, stumbling as she went. The poor child scrapped her knee and began to cry. The smile did not leave his lips as he picked her up, hushing her gently as he cradled her.

"It's alright now..." he cooed, "it doesn't hurt any longer..."

He took the pain away from her, quieting her sobs. She looked at her knee curiously, seeing the wound had healed completely. The little girl looked at him and stammered, "How... how did you do that?"

He only responded with a smile and a finger to his lips, as if it were a secret he wished to share with only her. He placed her back down and took out something from his pocket. As he knelt down in front of her, her big brown eyes lit up with glee.

"Merry Christmas, dear one."

The little girl hugged the pink bunny tight and thanked him. It was intended to be for Yuuki, but he doesn't think she would mind if he gave the bunny to a little orphaned girl. He placed a hand on her head as she jumped him for another hug before running back home.

As soon as her back was turned, Kaname hid himself behind the shadows. It would be troublesome if anyone saw him after all. He somehow felt better and began his journey back to the Hellsing manor. Yuuki would still need to get her present.

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15th Night; Accidental Audio;


[A soft sound of a body hitting the ground some distance away could be heard as Kaname skidded backwards. He stood up, dusted his clothes, and picked up the communicator as he watched "Santa" run away.]

As twisted the City has made you, Saint Nicolas, I must thank you for that little "game".

[He ran his fingers through his hair before noticing the communicator was on, possibly due to his moment of carelessness. He sighed, obviously annoyed...]

Perhaps it is a way for the City to tell me I've been putting off some things that I shouldn't.

[Private to Gabriel Sylar and Blair Cornelia Waldorf; Unhackable;]

I regret to inform you, Gabriel, Blair, that I will have to resign as assistant accountant. Some... troublesome family matters have come up, and I can not be of much use.
I apologize for the trouble this may have caused either of you.

[End Private;]

[A pause... before...]

[Private to Kuran Yuuki; Unhackable;]

Yuuki... I'm sure you'll be happy to know that...

Kiryuu has returned.

[End Private;]

[Private to Kiryuu Zero; Unhackable;]

I know you're out there, Kiryuu... Perhaps I should say... "welcome back"?

[End Private;]
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14th Night

[Private to Integra Hellsing, Alucard, Justin Pedleton, Holly Short, Princess Rosella, and Doctor Solomon Goldsmith;]

I should warn you all, that a dangerous vampire had entered the City.

His name is Rido Kuran. He is my "uncle" so to speak, and he is a very powerful, pure-blooded vampire, but he has also lost his mind long ago. He gave in to his thirst for the blood of the one person he could not have, and I fear for the citizens' life... especially Yuuki's as her blood is very tempting to vampires.

...that is all.

[End Private;]

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13th Night

Collapse )

It would be ignorant to think that people can not die here, but just as there are those who remain dead, there are also those who are brought back to the land of the living. The killings brought about for the Weiss left their victims dead, while those done by the First Lieutenant were brought back to life. Now, however, those who are killed by the recent curses and what appear to be accidents have remained dead.

If I remember correctly, those who are killed by curses are usually brought back to life. Why then, was there a sudden change in the rules of this game?

Or... have the rules really been changed?

I highly doubt the Deities would answer this question, but nevertheless, it is a rather interesting subject to discuss.

[ooc: He's trying to keep himself occupied with other things because Yuuki confuses and frustrates him, I dunno..? Hence, pretending to be alright, hiding behind sad smiles like usual...]
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12th Night; Open Action;

For some reason or other, the girls seem to be frantic today, more than usual.

It was close to sunset of Friday the 13th... people who knew him would think Kaname was out earlier than usual. He frequented Turnabout Cafe and the waitress reserved his usual table for him by the window. There was a smile on his face when the waitress served him the usual, rose tea.

But why did the waitress serve him strawberry cake as well?

He tilted his head to the side when he looked up at the waitress, thanking her for the treat, and off she went with a glee. What was going on today?

He wasn't sure, but he opened his network device to scan through the entries, quietly thankful that he can finally see again.

Which reminded him... He posted a message on the network:

[Private to Anna Milton; Unhackable;]

Good evening, Anna.

I'm happy to inform you that I am well, and that I can see once again. The vision of your soul has constantly been in on my mind, which I assume was part of the curse. However, I do hope that the vision I gave you does not haunt you.

Have your other victims recovered?

[End Private;]

[Private to Princess Rosella; Unhackable;]

Good evening, Rosella.

I am unsure if there is a curse today or not, but feel free to let me know if you still wish to meet me this evening.

[End Private;]

[ooc: As per this, action first for Di Di. Anyone else is welcome to "catch" him though, just let me know and we can work something out~ He's a gentleman and wouldn't mind treating the girls to dinner. ^_^]
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11th Night; Accidental(?) Audio;

My Liege, you are injured.

There is no need for concern. I am well enough.

You need only ask of us, my Lord, and we shall do whatever you wish.


[A sigh and a ruffle of clothing as he sat down behind his desk.]

You have only one purpose in this world: Protect Building 5. Let no harm come upon those who peacefully reside in there. Above all else, no harm shall come upon the residents of apartment 16. Understood?

Yes, my Liege.

My Lord, if I may?

[Silence, and muttered voices as Kaname nods, permitting her to speak.]

Please allow some of us to stay by your side. We only wish to assure your safety.

[Another pause as Kaname thought about it, smiling.]

The two of you will suffice. For the rest, be cautious, as there resides a hunter in that building.

Yes, Lord Kuran.

[ooc: uhm... anything goes? Colored, italic texts are low-level NPC Vampires. Still semi-blind, so he's not participating in the war, but you will notice he's used most of his troops to protect Building 5, where Yuuki is staying. ^^; My pup's a hopeless case... Only slightly cursed, and who could tell if this was really accidental or not? :3]
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10th Night; Action

[The troublesome curse that allowed the citizens to see each others souls left Kaname with an unfortunate dilemma...]

[Meeting Anna and accidentally looking into her soul had left him blind.]

[White irises replaced the reddish-brown eyes he was born with. Even as a vampire, it was hard to find his way around the City, but he had to stay calm. He sat down on the bench by the fountain and allowed his other senses to adjust, especially his hearing. Echolocation, a technique bats use to compensate for poor eyesight, seemed like the best solution. He tested this as he walked, allowing the sound of his footsteps to guide him.]

[It would take a while to get used to, but he had to see Yuuki that evening. He promised her that much.]

[ooc: Blind Kaname in your City streets! He's on his way to Yuuki's apartment, and you probably wouldn't even realize he's blind unless you saw his eyes. Feel free to walk into him~ And oh, sorry, he left his network device at home. :(]
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9th Night

I suppose it would be too much to ask for what is left of the police force to try and catch the killers today? The frequency dropped as soon as the murder of 4 women were posted on the network.

[He somehow wishes he did not rely on anyone else for the task, but still, he prefers to lay low.]

The other night, the City had become quieter, and you could almost hear a pin drop.

Why then, I wonder... have we the honor of entertaining so many guests today?

Too many disturbing feelings...

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8th Night; Video;

Well, this is certainly... different.

female kaname

I suppose I should keep dresses as well as suits for the rest of my stay in this charming city.

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